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Do you have something to sell? One of the best ways to do this is placing advertisements. The most effective way to sell is placing advertisements in the newspaper notice board, widely read journal such as Miss or on the website, the matter is much easier that the principles of well-written announcements in all these media are similar. If you want to get people came to your notice it must be posted in a conspicuous place and containing at least one photographs, most often people skip ads containing text only, unless you are looking for a particular thing. However, even when people become interested in your announcement it appears to hit him with 50 people and no one, however, decided not to buy, means that the notice has been some mistake. Below shows the eight steps to writing effective advertisements. 1. Decide what you want to sell and for how much The first thing you need to do is to check the prices of the same or similar things that you have for sale, if it is not equivalent to the value of things then you have to expect that interest in this quickly and recognize that you are trying to take advantage of the ignorance or awkwardness of people interested in buying, and this It can mean that a person is constantly engaged in buying - selling recognize that you are an unfair and will not spare you of criticism in his comments as an unfair trader. 2 Catchy Headline Often we hear in courses for sellers, the most important is the first impression, if not gain a trustworthy person even interesting presentation and the ability to close the sale. The press advertisements and the Internet so the first impression is the headline, probably often as I open emails if the title of the message is a little involved did not even open, but once you move to the basket, if it is of some already from some time, probably you output up subscription to not clutter your email box. Let's look at the headlines chwitliwe ads Free subscription fruitful course of writing, Create your own advertising materials within a few minutes, Become a famous blogger in 60 days, 20 the most important steps in your life, T first book with tips that have some meaning. The best way is to test the header by sending a mid-mailing list one version of a half-second, pmiętaj that they can not be based on segmentation, because their effectiveness may be due to other needs of women and men, then this test will be based on a false premise. 3. The notice must be clear and concise Texts is not art of writing, so do not use flowery language or forces on the poetic exploits, rather review everything that is important for the buyer to be able to take a positive decision. Not glamorous, Gone are the days where people are gullible people fall for so-called super bargains. 4 Write the truth Recently, I wrote an article about the so-called Generator Offers 1.0, he had to replace the work of a copywriter, fraud was so clear to people who write articles to promote that even the company that created this little program had to withdraw its promises and write the truth that the program supports writing leading page, but however, people who have gained the already established opinion about this company distinguishes advertising from fraud and write the truth. 5 Be what your offer is unique To attract potential buyers, point to what makes your offer is unique, it may be a price, a unique item or offer on the market, but the best show in the pictures if before issuing house for sale conducted the renovation and the apartment was repainted in przyadku tourist offer can be a convenient location, or is that in addition to accommodation, roponujesz hour catering and equipment rentals. 6. Utilize Social Media Especially, if the ad is on-line, please tell your Facebook friends and put it on his post on Twitter. A brief description and a link to the ad is usually sufficient. Add a picture of the product. Do not limit yourself to the readers of the announcement. If you belong to the group purchase - sale is natural that even at this point it is worth to inform the people involved in the trade. 7. Add photos to the announcement If you can post pictures, post najepiej few that will not only showed the side of the car but also the back, not only beautiful living room but równeż bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Make sure the picture is well lit (ambient light works much better than focusing flashlights), also remember that your photos were aesthetic. 8 Target its offer If you want to quickly enter transactions targetuj its offer and thus place where it can read the target groups, certainly sooner you make sales if you put the ad in the e-store and post-announcement pdf, than on portals advertising. E-magazines is going to the mailing box so if people subscribe to them and you will find there what you are looking for, will not be lost time for viewing advertising services sooner come on facebook to boast a successful purchase.

Assertiveness and Addictions

Is addiction limited to alcohol and drugs . We all know that addiction is much more . For the household budget can ruin both alcoholism and hoarding . As the twenty-first century addiction and eating addiction, computer addictions , one that brings all of addiction is the wrong way of life detrimental to both addicts and their loved ones.

So the question is essential if eating addictions - is a problem that will solve dietitian or therapist's help is needed and even a psychologist. For those who know the human psyche is clear that we now have to deal with the common action of people with different backgrounds . Recently on Facebook I found the text in which ridiculed the sex addicts and love , but for the people who ruined his life , this is not a problem at all funny , yes you can try to build a new relationship , but without the faithful would be difficult to expect from such a relationship success. Is assertiveness as a balance between our needs and interpersonal communication will guarantee us victory in the fight against addiction is definitely not , but for alcoholics and in many other cases, addiction is a condition sine qua non , there is no doubt that when we have one foot on the right path sometimes bring us back from it , people who like each other.

eat addiction

This is what brings all of addiction is almost deterioration of family relations and decreased self-esteem. Even if these people have a binge eating problem with the acceptance of the environment which is usually the most important for us - our appearance that is often identified with its own I, of course, an obese person can be very attractive inside , but the more you can see how much the mind, how much could be achieved if they got rid of the extra pounds. uzależniaenia XXI wieku In all addiction treatment is similar to the way many times smokers and alcoholics never say that I can have a dud , it's not enough to keep the order , the people you remind patients who, despite knowledge of the dangers of addiction , they are unable to cope with craving and tobacco , of course, also applies to other addiction , relapses occur because in each of them. I think we need to sątakie broadcasts on Radio Therapy, where he discussed the problems are not just alcoholics , young little computer or facebook fans but also for their families as well as children .

There is no doubt that the dependence of parents is of extreme importance in the life of their offspring . We know all these examples, the Hero of the family or a scapegoat who in adulthood were defeated because of the addiction of their parents , the question of where to seek help when it comes to alcohol abuse treatment centers know it all , so rather the problem is how to distinguish between those who are successful from those in which therapists simply turn on the character of the ad help me mom. terapia

Worse is the new addiction can say that computer giants believed that addiction may only refer to a substance . Well, yes but once children were fighting for the ball or a doll and not talked about zabawkoholizmie , but the 16 year old pannic plays with dolls is not a problem - after all, this is not normal , even listen to music 24 hours a day would we be something undesirable or losing all your achievements in life to explore the world, things can be named differently in terms of the solution that will bring a person lost on the highway to heaven.

A new report by educational experts Opineo inspires mixed feelings for the first time we are dealing with a professional publication about post-secondary schools and teachers, and even though many violations of his duties by the directors and teachers of these schools Opineo experts show some leniency. Sam, however, the fact that we know what the criteria are applicable in education is an important unveiling of the curtain, indicating the violations is a milestone in the right direction towards healing Polish school. It would be difficult to discuss the report Opineo in this article, so I will focus on two factors assessment and evaluation of teacher education. Opineo report has been prepared by teachers, university lecturers, trainers training, and graduates of the University of PARP.The report is in line with the Strategy for Lifelong Learning in the European Union - a document declaratively European Social Fund and the views outstanding teachers (Blischen, Maizels). The report states: "When evaluating schools should use the following criteria:- The level of staff training - The impact of knowledge to find on the labor market - The development of interpersonal skills The level of education staff is critical, because in the report, however, is the definition of Good and Evil Teacher and properly defined the criteria for such assessment which should be followed. We discuss here only the teaching of soft skills, such as the discussion and development of interpersonal skills. Żak Włocławek In Żak was so that the teacher asked us questions, and each spoke a few sentences on a specific topic by the instructor, these statements have not been discussed, it was about getting to know our opinion. There were also claims that such views are stupid or retarded, which took place at the school Zenit. It is known that such assessments very critical and insulting human personality is not conducive to openness and debate ideas, but result in closing the discussion. In Żak breaks are regular and not some three minutes, this meant that we have discussed, exchanged ideas. Someone was a programmer, the other person was a graphic designer, I am the webmaster - there was between us assess who is the best computer scientist.I can argue that dream unemployed Developer C + make sense, of course I admire him that all day sitting at a computer, dreaming about it ever hire him Microsoft Poland, in my opinion is better to be a webmaster that exceed income of 700 dollars per day for creating a complete website with its optimization. Kamil Cebulski Influence of knowledge to find in the labor market: Kamil Cebulski was the first millionaire who has achieved this elite status thanks to the internet. It was not the way Joe Vitale with a great copywriter who switched to the computer and two pieces of written text, received $ 300,000. Kamil started with only 200 zł in his pocket, dropped out of college and had only a high school. Since there he could afford to buy expensive script he wrote them himself. And so forth and actually bought myself a new computer , a keyboard with inscriptions on the keys. I remember his lecture on the course by dr. Paul Krzyworączka, it was amazing enthusiasm, so rarely seen nowadays in Poland. Then he said one important thing:"Today, young people scare me, trying to create a Windows 3000, and the road to success is much shorter, is to create an easy-to projects and their subsequent extensible to more and more advanced. Is this not a way similar to Bill Gates' All the time I think that the best developers are those who sell us their final products, rather than sitting for hours in the home bedding with the call: is wonderful, get me job. Now he wants to go to Ratings teachers. Reports Opineo uses the following criteria: The good teacher: - Understanding and patient - Use encouragement and praise -Provides an opportunity to express themselves -Listen to objections to each other - Is modest and polite - Shall periodically review (at least three per semester) Team-work is used - Enthusiastic and cordial - Individual treats students I will not write about all the benefits of faculty Center Education Zak, one of the unique  is listening to objections to each other, afraid of the many teachers that it will lose the authority. However, due to be heard by the teacher comments, is that the authority does not fall but it becomes perceived as an open, confident of their educational qualifications, open to talk about modifying the classes, and also results in more open education. I remember the days when the teacher divided us into two groups, one was in the second  Justyna and other I and Paul. Especially mention the person's name because he had a lot of experience and passion because our argument made by Paul and presented by me was much more interesting than the first group encyclopedic statements. The idea, however, call us in the two groups was great, then I would like the people to filaments previously acted with reserve, and such group activities conducive to the consolidation of the group. group work This type of course is widely used in the United States and Western European countries.Individual timing of students information technology is an area consistent for computer programmers think, diagnostics, graphic, database designer and webmasters. All of these specialties require some different qualifications it difficult to disagree that the first by this question that should be asked by the teacher should include: what you would like to learn with us, for what purpose you began its decision to take science. I remember this question from school Żak, it was a question with which we are already at the beginning a little more and I regret that it all could m to keep in touch.The Zenit was no interpersonal contact, it is done by evaluating (in a psychological sense and not education - evaluation of human knowledge and not on the basis of judgment, I do - I do not like teacher) and protectionism. Top Protectionism was set on a course of PARP Academy Interpersonal Skills: A manifestation of patronizing attitude is:- The lack of respect for students- Lack of recognition for personal achievements of students (ie not as a lecturer in programming but for example in web or in computer graphics or online advertising)- Drawing in a manner disrespectful, indulgent- The use of diminutives or terms ridiculing- The promise of special care (transfer fluids through the door) And the lack of breaks because I know the class is difficult to establish contacts. What to break a small note that it is incompatible with the principles of health and safety which are learned in Żak, according to well-known psychologist Spencer's four-hour classes without a break can lead to mental illness called computer addiction. Individual treatment of students to perceive their characteristics, values, education-related plans and activities afterwards. As well as noticing that not all people are addicted to the computer and a four-seat without a break can be very tiring. Even in pogramistic companies, developers have at two hours 10 minute break.We can ask ourselves why in some schools there are only good teachers and other some who were drawn from the moon. The interesting question will be answered after examining the criterion bad teacher Education Report Opineo. Bad Teacher:- Fear as a means of domination (protectionism) - Usually tired and grumpy - Indifferent as to the effectiveness of teaching and lazy - Too harsh for certain people - Favoring some students - Sarcasm and moodiness according to the report Opineo have one of these features makes the teacher can be described as a bad teacher who should not perform the job. But in reality, those teachers have at least a few of them. Although the Directors are aware of this fact allow them to perform the duties of teacher. Teacher of Zenit uses protectionism, protectionism recall the definitions of the second part of the report:A manifestation of patronizing attitude is:- The lack of respect for students- Lack of recognition for personal achievements of students (for example, does not have the ability as a lecturer in programming but in the creation of such sites or computer graphics or online advertising)- Drawing in a manner disrespectful, indulgent- Use diminutives or terms ridiculing- The promise of special care (transfer fluids through the door) To get rid of protectionism, go therapies cognitive behavioral therapy type or use the recommendations intepersonalnych skills course PARP Academy. Lecturer at Zenit is suffering because it does not present how to use specific tools, says that CSS is not formatted coloring pages, Mr Maciejewicz used crayons to color.In the case of Notepad Plus makes download program, but it does not explain what format to choose, for those not familiar with html is very difficult, he explained to colleagues as 10 years designer websites. And what did the teacher is not enough that it's still asleep snoring. The teacher has a bad temper on the set of students turning to their buttocks, grumble, sending nonverbal signals, very clear to determine.The same group of people experiencing excessive austerity, teacher talking about screwing up, if not a better solution would be to explain the subject in which they have a problem, does not cause frustration, or speak of what you have a problem, so obvious to many good teachers rather than encouraging them again which to resign.You can have a lot of comments, but favoring the most distressing activy Mr Maciejewicz, asks, how many webmasters and good careers PHP destroy this man. The question arises because Mr. Maciejewicz universally despised php programming, it seems clear that it is because of your stupidity. People who have something they can not control, revenge often to see how someone else achieved this success. One more thing, when as last we saw of David his website Best World Club (we have determined that such an agreement do not take money for their work on site and be content with advertising revenue). We noticed there advertising Allegro looking for work 20 programmers php fot Oto Moto 15 and 10 Badoo Java programmers. So why the reluctance to programming that gives trowel and high wages. It's a simple reason we are dealing with a loser teacher who did not work as a programmer and now is abusing the people. Best World Club treated at the beginning of the service positioning, but when David introduced mixes and a panel of the best clubs in the world, the site surpassed all expectations and she started to compete with the famous DJ Mag. The next step was to make the clubs flyers, this was due to my interest in Photoshop, David agreed to it, usually I did it so that I sent to my colleague Justin flyer, it is usually said that it is great and we inserted it on the site. Therefore, it lacks the knowledge of me, but all you ever begins and ends. I once again find a person who is sanguince and knows the graphic advertising. After I put flyers Polish and Hungarian clubs reached a 3000  hits per day, and got into the elite club of top Polish websites ranking even though she had two times lower than the Euro Football Fan this is the popularity of football in Poland. But, what most hurts  a teacher's favorite student Grześ, the man refused to learn the database and cascading style sheets and still got five of them, no coment. Which we used a lecturer criteria.In an interview with Peter (the head of one of Poznan's software companies), I found the Mr Grzegorz saying that he has talent in programming C +, Peter told me clearly: "Listen Romek! do not overdo it, one environment, the usual Crap Garbage if you employ a person to want to know how to at least the basics: Linux, Windows and programming in Java, C + and PHP. In an environment that monkey can sit on your computer and once catches it.I must admit that I admire the great programmer Gregory, because such a twerp that I've never seen, apparently sent me a manual linux, but there is no email or phone number. Adds piquancy to the fact that it pulled a half years ago with Hamster for some influence transmitted through fluids by Mr. Grześ, the unemployed programmer is a sucker for gratitude and admiration, but as yet there is something for which I could admire it.But why is he so wrapped up, so he should be treated with the so-called computer addiction not any programming, detachment from reality and imagining things that never took place.As you can see in the Zenit was an extreme form of psychological distortion favoring close where we were told to enjoy the unemployed programmer who you never created any program and the teacher who thinks he's even better in this area, despite the fact that the internet more is known about the taxi driver with the same name and surname. Now to answer the question that is purpose of this article as it happens that in one school we have excellent teachers and other people on the border of mental illness. It's very simple, such as a school network Zak, Pascal, Tab really care about their recruitment and not allow themselves to employ casual teachers, such persons receive special psycho and their powers are meticulously checked.In case of such a school as Zenit, which barely maintained, they prefer to spend money on advertising recruitment than on unnecessary paperwork. As she told me one of the teachers, actually release incompetent teacher with the status of a teacher appointed, his release is impossible. However, everyone knows that it is not suitable for the teaching profession.I think that the rules should be changed if we want to take care of a good education young people, at the appropriate high European level. Conclusions: I would like to describe my meeting with Mrs Jadwiga Trawińska director, who said the twice met with Mr. Tom in a pub, and neither one nor the other has not admitted it to sarcasm and favoritism some students.According to Dale Carnegie 80% of murderers in jail Cin Cin or not guilty. I think Opineo should provide the Director a full list of Wloclawek pubs where she could still go wrong. The Director said that the most important thing is that our colleagues had passed, so we do not need to pass is a very important statement.Trawińska headmistress said she should be optimistic about the fairness of assessment by Mr. Tom, you would. Mrs. Trawińska called people who have dropped out of science because of the Mr Maciejewicz or not they want to continue learning it shows only the Director of sarcasm, the second time they have to go through the swamp, I also would say that they do not want to. Headmistress showed amazing satisfaction from my school leaving, believing that this is the end of the trouble, but none of that when I get back to normal after the summer holidays state of mind I demanded a refund for those who were forced acting treacherously on their psyche to give up science, and also that the court has rated the legal action the Director and Mr. Tomasz Maciejewicz if you forgot to sent letters to all the time they are on my post and be witness to what mental state you together been students.
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